Removing the Award Logos

This will be a big no-no going forward

Steam is easily the biggest digital games platform for PC and as such any game that is capable of making it’s way onto Steam can consider that it has made it onto the best platform available to find potential customers. That being said some companies can be a bit too proud of their game and thus new rules will take place on September 1st for Steam that will change this.

These cover two points on the banner images for games, review scores and awards. While these things will still be perfectly fine in the description and within the game’s store page itself the actual banner image that you would see for the game as you’re scrolling through Steam will no longer be permitted. This is due to Valve wanting to clean up the images and make it easier to read and understand what each of the games are rather than having them cluttered up with scores and awards like movie posters.

It’s a move that does make sense but I also sympathise with the developers here. It’s very difficult to get your game noticed so showing off the awards you have won is a great way to get people interested. Ultimately it is Valve’s storefront so they can do what they wish and I’m sure developers will still show off their accolades in the actual game page so not all will be lost. I guess the banner will just have to compensate and become more appealing, have fun artists!

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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