PC Game Pass

An interesting prospect to be sure

Most people are probably already aware of Microsoft’s best attempt at the ‘Netflix of Gaming’ with their Xbox Game Pass, a monthly subscription that allows players to play from a library of games on their Xbox One. Well now it seems as though Microsoft may be expanding on this premise by bringing the service to PC too.

The idea was mentioned in a quarterly earnings report which brings a lot of hope for this concept to come to fruition. The biggest problem game pass has right now is their fairly limited library of games however if this was also brough to PC it would allow some older games that have never been on PC before (such as Ninja Gaiden Black, or even Halo 3!?!?) to be playable in an official format on this platform. This isn’t of course even mentioning the fact that this service is constantly expanding and with more classic and even modern games being added the subscription is becoming more worth it, I might even be tempted to try it out if they do decide to bring it to PC too. I just hope they also include Halo 3 in the pass…

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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