Olympic Representation

We’ve hit the big leagues!

It seems as though E-Sports has finally moved up in the world and is getting official sporting recognition now, at least in Asia. The Southeast Asian Games is a globally recognised sports event that is run by the Olympic commission and next year’s games will be including gaming as several events with medals to be won.

This is huge as it means the worldwide sports giant see gaming as an official sport now which could mean that over time we could even see E-Sports events take place at the actual worldwide Olympics which would be a huge boon for the gaming industry. The organisation running these events said that they plan to include several events and that they would only include games that didn’t promote violence or that didn’t have gambling mechanics so as to not promote that to children. The violence comment is understandable but what is most interesting in the comment on gambling which could mean that games with loot boxes in them could be exempt which is an impressive stand against this predatory mechanic that I am all in favour for. Maybe even some companies who want the recognition of being seen at this event could be persuaded to take out these systems so as to get shown at the games. I certainly hope this happens and I look forward to seeing how these events will be taken by the general public.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life. 

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