Objection! (Except not really)

A lawyer has gotta have his coffee!

Well this was certainly a surprise. Xbox just recently came from announcing that Dragon Quest 11 of all games was coming to the Game Pass to now announcing that the entire Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy would also be coming to the platform too, Xbox release and everything! This is a series that Nintendo have had almost exclusive digs on for years but with the trilogy originally coming out in full remastered edition to consoles a while back and now with the title coming to Game Pass too it seems as though Capcom are starting to open up to the prospect of sharing their games into the ‘Netflix for Games’ circle, this could be the start of a great thing.

Regardless it seems once again that Game Pass is really brightening up with the amount of titles being added to it. I can only hope that once other game companies realise the importance of a platform like this that they can all join forces to create the ultimate ‘cloud’ gaming experience. Maybe those rumours of Nintendo and Microsoft teaming up aren’t such a crazy theory after all…

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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