Nintendo Direct June 2024

Here come the reveals!

Here is, yet again, another Nintendo Direct out of the blue. What has been announced this time? Will we finally get a Switch 2? Let’s see what they have in store this time!

First off we have a new Mario and Luigi game! This time it’s ‘Mario and Luigi: Brothership’ which is apparently a nautical adventure, this is the first new entry in 9 years, so a welcome thing to see! Next up is an enhanced version of the Nintendo NES World Championship cart, a very rare item that was a speedrunners wet dream, so this is sure to make many people happy!

Then there was MIO, an interesting looking platformer that looks a bit like a cross of Celeste and Hollow Knight, how pretty! Then… well… a Hello Kitty game that is basically that but crossed with Animal Crossing… it’s a… game I guess? Then we got shown a cool 2D-HD Remake of Dragon Quest 3, alongside 1&2 being announced too. It looks very pretty, just like Octopath Traveller! Japan booking a new holiday date it seems.

Then there was a new Mario Party! ‘Super Mario Party: Jamboree’ which features a lot more online and multiplayer elements, including some minigames that can have even 20 players playing at once. The poor connection… Then, we got a brand new zelda game, that actually has Zelda as the protagonist! This is ‘The Legend of Zelda: Echoes of Wisdom’ and it looks very interesting. Not only will it have Zelda as the main character, but will also have you using items as weapons and even summoning enemies to fight for you instead of the usual sword combat! Zelda minion gameplay! A dream come true for me. it also has the Link’s Awakening remake graphical style, making it look very pretty and cute. I am hyped!

Finally, there was Metroid Prime 4: Beyond, this big title reveal. It looks exactly like the Prime series and is scheduled to be released next year. It’s been so long that I’m sure Metroid fans will be happy to just wait that last little bit for new Metroid stuff.

And that’s your lot. Of course there was plenty more announced so if you want to see everything be sure to check out the official Nintendo stream archive somewhere on the internet. That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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