Nintendo Direct June 2023

It’s-a News Time!

Another day, another Direct! You know the rules, let’s go!

They started off with information about the new Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC. I haven’t been keeping up with the game’s news so I don’t know much about this new content, but I’m sure people who are playing the game will be happy regardless! We got a bunch of things that have already been announced confirmed for the Switch too such as the new Sonic game and the new Persona 5 Tactica game which is nice to see.

Detective Pikachu is back… and his game looks like it belongs on a Gamecube… oh joy… However they then sidelined us with the announcement that they are remaking Super Mario RPG which got me very hyped! I’ve always wanted to try out the first in the series, so this seems like a great excuse to do so. They also teased a new Peach-focused game which is… interesting to say the least. Let’s just hope this time they don’t make the game massively offensive to women around the world.

The new Mario and Rabids game had more DLC confirmed, which is strange as I didn’t even know it had DLC to begin with. Then a new Dragon Quest game, this time going back to the monster collection spin-off series which is sure to give fans in Japan more reason to have another holiday. Then a large gameplay demonstration of Pikmin 4 including co-op and the ability to finally go out at night! You also get a cute doggo to fight alongside you, always nice to have a faithful companion.

There was a really cool looking 3D platformer known as ‘Penny’s Big Breakaway’ which is being made by the Sonic Mania guys and looks very charming, will definitely be keeping an eye out on this. Then we were shown that a new Warioware game will be coming which is always nice to see! It even has a lot of nintendo game references this time it seems, always plenty of fun for this series.

But of course the biggest announcement was that a brand new Mario game is releasing this year. Known as ‘Super Mario Wonder’ it’s another entry in the 2D series which we haven’t had in a while! It has a new art style and direction which looks gorgeous and I love just how expressive everyone is! It also has like… drugs, like a lot of drugs… like Mario turns into an elephant this time… yeah this will be interesting…

And that’s all folks! Again if you want to know absolutely everything then check out the stream on Nintendo’s official channel as these were just the ones that looked particularly interesting to me. That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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