My Favourites of E3


I’m back from my wee break and it was lovely to see all the E3 presentations this year without feeling the pressure to get everything written up. Of course it wasn’t planned that my holiday was around the same time but hey these things just happen and I saw plenty of things announced at E3 2021 this year that has me excited. Here then are some of my personal picks from what interested me at E3.

While I didn’t get much care about the Elden Ring trailer I’m aware that many people saw this as their favourite reveal of the show so I’m happy for them. What interested me more however was all the stuff shown at the Xbox/Bethesda showcase. Starfield, Halo Infinite, Back 4 Blood, Redfall, S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2 and even The Outer Worlds 2 all got me interested and Halo Infinite in particular looked to be a great return to form for the multiplayer side of things so I will most definitely be checking that out when I can. The biggest advantage to all of this is the face that almost all of these games will be on the Xbox Game Pass so even if I am not super interested in purchasing the games outright the Game Pass will essentially allow me to play the games and try them out anyway due to having access to them regardless. It really encourages experimentation in my game choices and ultimately I think that’s the biggesta dvantage Microsoft has in the upcoming year of games it has to offer.

Unfortunately only one other conference had anything interesting to show off for me and that was the Nintendo E3 Direct as these always seem to be a hit and they showed off some amazing things this time. Firstly we of course got the new Smash character and this time it was a cross-over with Tekken as Kazuya Mishima was revealed as the new character which is a great surprise for fans of this series I’m sure. We got the reveal of the first WarioWare game for the Switch titled “Get It Together!” which is sure to bring a great amount of party game fun to the console. Super Monkey Ball: Banana Mania was revaled and will bring everything from the first 3 games into one remastered package to the Switch which was lovely to see as I greatly enjoy this series. Another series which was shockingly revealed to be getting the remastered treatement was the Advance Wars series with the first 2 games in the series being packaged together in “Re-Boot Camp” which is amazing as I love these games and never thought in my life I would see them be remastered. We also shockingly got the reveal of a brand new entry in the Metroid series known as “Metroid Dread” which really looks to be hooking into the horror aspects of the series and it impressed me so much that I may very well check this out as my first proper dive into the series. Finally we of course got some information about Breath of the Wild 2 which is aiming to be released at some point next year and the trailer showed off Link with a robotic arm, soaring on floating islands and a much darker tone than the original game which is an exciting premise. Still not much else revealed which is a shame but I’m just glad we at least got some kind of information about it.

That’s your lot from me then. As I said there was plenty more revealed at the show but it was a very mixed bag this year with some conferences showing next to nothing (looking at you 2K) and some showing a great amount of new content. Check out all the streams and articles about the show if you want a full breakdown but these are just some of the games that got me the most excited. That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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