Microsoft E3 2018 Conference

Bit of a smudge on your logo there…

Next up from my coverage is Microsoft and from what I’ve seen so far they seem to have been the best presentation at the event. With so many games to cover from here on out I’ll only be mentioning the biggest reveals and updates so without further ado let’s get started!

To infinity and beyond!

While this was only shown off as a small teaser it’s still nonetheless a big announcement. Halo Infinite is supposed to be the Halo 6 we were waiting for and while the teaser was only here to really show off the new engine they are making for the game it still looks absolutely beautiful nonetheless. With it possibly coming to PC you can be I am excited as all hell for this.

or as I like to call it, Super Smash Weebs!

A brilliant concept that I never even considered was the reveal of Namco Bandai’s latest game Jump Force. This is a fighting game featuring various iconic anime protagonists from DBZ, One Piece, Naruto and various others. The smash-like idea for this is something I’m surprised nobody ever thought to make before and while I’m not a big anime fan the concept alone might make me take a look at it to see how good it is.

That is one cool sword, and is that the original dante on the left!?

A surprise announcement was the return of the Devil May Cry series with a beautiful aesthetic, teen dante and the original creator of the series returning on this entry. Series veterans rejoice, this seems like the game for you!

That is a rather clunky title

The sequel to The Division was shown off in this conference including all of the cringey paid actor multiplayer stuff that Ubisoft like to show off. Wasn’t really interested in the original so this will probably be a pass for me.


MOTHER-FLIPPING BATTLETOADS! After a long hiatus the wonderfully ridiculously proportioned amphibians return to kick butt and be a 2.5D platform game. It’s set to release next year but no other details were announced, I’m certainly excited though!


As expected Microsoft announced the release of a brand new Gears of War game set after the previous entry and having what seems to be a rather chilly/winter atmosphere compared to the previous games. They also showed off a tactical RTS for the series to be released for mobile and a quirky and fun Punko entry that we are never going to talk about again.


Hey look it’s another Just Cause game! The trailer looked as fun as ever for this series and while I’m not entirely sure how they can top the insanity of the previous entry I have no doubt that this will be a fun experience nonetheless!

I am so incredibly hyped!

And finally the biggest show-off was the full announcement of Cyberpunk 2077 and showing off the beautiful world that it takes place in. This may very well be the Blade Runner game I always wanted and while there was no release date shown I have to say this is one of my most anticipated games shown off!

So that’s everything here for now. As I said these were only highlights for myself so to see everything that was announced feel free to check out the conference video so you can check out everything that Microsoft had to offer! That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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