Bethesda E3 2018 Conference

Time for some RPG’s!

E3 has officially began and Bethesda is first on the chopping block for me to give an overview of their show. I am aware that EA and Microsoft were before this however EA’s was so sparse of content that I found them too boring to cover initially and Microsoft was so FULL of content that it’s gonna need a couple of days to unpack everything. For now though let’s see what Bethesda has in store for us!

Better get out of the way mate!

First up is of course a showing of Rage 2 which funnily enough referenced the Wal-Mart leak from a couple of weeks ago. New gameplay was shown off which displays a really colourful, futuristic and mad max-y feeling wasteland which should hopefully make this game stand out against fallout. The musical number however was… embarrassing. Bethesda really trying to win that E3 cringe award with that piece.

I activate my trap card!

Next was more info on the Elder Scrolls Legends card game including the announcement of a graphical overhauland a full console release on all platforms. Nothing too exciting here but I guess if you’re into thios game you can finally play it on console? I dunno I never really got into legends.

The latest content piece, Summerset.

Following up that was more info on the Elder Scrolls Online. Taking to the stage the developers talked about the success of the MMO and the support that the community has been giving them. They told us about Wolfhunter, a new piece of DLC based on werewolves (finally!) and another story piece that will see us return to Black Marsh to learn more about Argonian culture. Again nothing too exciting here just your usual mix of stuff people already knew about.

Welcome to Hell!

A brand new Doom game was also shown off called “DOOM Eternal”. Not much was revealed about it in the teaser trailer however they said that more information would be revealed about the game at Quake con this year so I suppose we will wait until then for more information.

Hey, an argonian dlc!

Quake Champions news next. Talking a lot about Quake E-sports and how they build upon the fact that Quake was the original fast paced E-Sport. A trial version of the game was said to be releasing for free this week so people could try out the early access game. No new content shown off really just another trailer for the game we already know about.

wibbly wobbly spacey stuff

Prey info now. The developers appeared in a pre-recorded skit that told us about a free content patch that would add things such as a survival mode into the game as well as also announcing a new piece of DLC for the game called Mooncrash that was stated to “change every time you play”. Interesting choice of trailer music anyway, we shall see how successful this is.

He just looks like a typical high school jock!

Wolfenstein news up next which alongside talking about a switch port of the newest game also mentioned a brand new piece of DLC set in the future of the game. You get to play as the twin sisters of the original Wolfenstain protagonist which means this is a full co-op experience. Nice new twist on the formula for this game.

Oh god please no more merch

and FINALLY the meat and potatoes of this conference, Fallout 76 news. They show off the same trailer that they originally showed us during the Microsoft conference after making fun of their Skyrim ports. However they focus exclusively on showing us gameplay from the new game and provide clarification as to what the game really is. It’s a full single player RPG with the ability to play online with other players, just as predicted by the leaks. The settlement system also returns and this time it allows you to build wherever you wish to rather than in pre-set locations. Oh also you can go on ‘raids’ to gain the power over nuclear missles, that won’t be abused by trolls in any way no sir… They also announced that this game will have a public beta which will allow the developers to test how this online world will be when released to the public. Finally the date for release was set at November 14th of this year meaning it won’t be too long till we finally get to play this… interesting game.

touch control first person rpg… hmm…

Also hey another Elder Scrolls game! “Elder Scrolls Blades” which is a… mobile… elder scrolls… game… huh, didn’t see that one coming. A full RPG set in the elder scrolls universe with a… unique control scheme. I don’t really know how to feel about this one as the gameplay looked very janky however I am willing to hold my tongue until the reviews come out.

Nice and slick logo.

And the big reveal this time being Starfield, the first brand new IP for the company in over 20 years. No information was revealed aside from the fact it’s a single player RPG. So… how exciting. However the biggest surprise was A NEW ACTUAL ELDER SCROLLS GAME… but no new information revealed, not even a name, boo!

And that’s a wrap, very uhh… interesting show this time. Let’s see how the other conferences stack up to this one. That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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