Metaverse Profit-Taking

We truly live in a dystopia don’t we?

I don’t enjoy talking about Metaverse content as I believe it to be a temporary fad that will be no longer relevant by this time next year but this was a story I absolutely had to comment on.

Meta, the company formally known as Facebook, released details on how revenue made by creators within their metaverse game, Horizon Worlds, would be split between the company and the creator themselves. This is due to the fact that due to Horizon Worlds being a creative game people can create their own objects, games, services or anything else similar and sell it to other players on the platform via the blockchain. This service is fairly standard for online social games however due to new figures Meta revealed it seems as though creators would lose close to 48% of their profits due to fees and taxes that the company would be taking for each thing that is created and sold. Due to this there has been a massive outcry from the Metaverse community stating that this revenue split is highly unfair and will lead to creatives simply choosing a different platform to express themeslves on and ultimately get more money for their work.

Personally I can totally understand the perspective of the creatives. I too have had hard work of mine lose most of it’s profits due to companies taking their cuts so just choosing to go elsewhere sounds like the best choice to me. Looks like Horizon Worlds may end up being more dead than it even is right now, what a shame I suppose. That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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