Mass (Effect) Changes

That is a beautiful shot

With the Mass Effect Trilogy: Legendary Edition coming out next month many have been wondering if there would be any gameplay changes to this update of the series in order to make the earlier games slightly more enjoyable and it seems as though this very well is the case!

Speaking in a blog post by Bioware the team detailed changes being made specifically to the first entry in the series to make it far more smooth and enjoyable for modern audiences such as removing weapon sway, making entering and exiting cover more smooth and even removing the randomness from bullet spread and recoil from many of the guns.

The biggest changes by far however are to the Mako, the all-terrain vehicle that was notoriously hated due to it’s terrible handling. The new version of the vehicle will not only handle better but will also have better boosting controls and will not instantly explode when exposed to lava, excellent!

There are many other changes, too numerous to list all here, so if you are interested check out their blog post and find out all the details about what they are changing and the reasons why they are doing so.–mechanical-improvements/#sf244686997

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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