Lost Between Far Crys

Talk about going full high-fantasy sci-fi

The Far Cry series always seems to have the strangest spin-off expansions of any game series. Far Cry 3 had a beautiful homage to 80’s action movies starring a cyborg and having you ride robot dinosaurs and all the other subsequent games have had odd expansions too. Now it seems Far Cry 6 is following this trend with the reveal of ‘Lost Between Worlds’ which will be a sci-fi alien dimension hopping adventure that is set to come out on December 6th.

This will see the protagonist of Far Cry 6 assisting a lost alien in getting home by finding items to repair their spaceship and jump across different worlds to defeat the evil alien threat known as the Shardfaces, what a name. It’s all of course very silly and absolutely the kind of creativity that big game publishers should be making more of nowadays. Regardless if you enjoyed Far Cry 6 then perhaps this will be a good enough reason to jump back in and see just how wacky the new worlds you explore will be.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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