Oh god why did his name have to be Randy…

It seems as though Gearbox are having an intense legal battle against a former employee and caught in the firing line is their CEO, Randy Pitchford with accusations being thrown back and forth to an intense degree.

There are few pieces of evidence that have currently been shown. From what we know, the former lawyer of Gearbox Software, Wade Callender, sued the company for failing to uphold contracts laid out by him and the CEO Gearbox initially sued him for not paying back a supposed money loan he took to pay for his personal affairs. After this there was a big back and forth between both Wade and Randy about various things they had all done, culminating in an incredibly serious accusation from Wade that Randy had child pornography in his possession.

This was based upon the fact that Randy accidentally left a USB drive upon visiting the ‘Medieval Times’ which contained not only secret company files but also his personal porn collection. Randy states that this was perfectly legal stuff however Wade thinks otherwise. This is all a huge mess and depending on who turns out to be correct this will certainly hurt Gearbox in the long run and I am not looking forward to hearing the fallout from all of this bickering.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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