Know Your (Chinese) History

Or be doo- Pahahahaa I can’t finish this

In a beautifully ironic twist it seems Activision Blizzard has once again got themselves in a spot of controversy when it comes to their favourite country in the whole world, China!

In their most recent trailer for the newest Call of Duty, Black Ops: Cold War, it showed off a great amount of real life footage including many accounts of warzone and protest stock footage. One of these protests shown are the famous Tiananmen Square protests in which many unfortunate and brave Chinese citizens lost their lives during a bout of peaceful protests against the oppresive government and is heavily censored within the country as even talking about it can have you visited by the secret police.

Well as it turns out the trailer was re-uploaded to Youtube not that long ago and with it a chunk of the video is missing, can you guess which part? Obviously it’s the controversial part that would lead to them getting in hot water with the Chinese authorities and as such in order to save their sales figures in China they removed all mentions of it. The tagline to the game is getting funnier by the day. This all comes after the massive backlash to the Blitzchung Hearthstone banning controversy from last year which just helps to prove more that Activision Blizzard will happily bend their knee to the oppressive and downright evil Chinese government if it makes them more money, which is just a perfect representation of the company now. Oh how the mighty have fallen.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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