Kiss Raccoon

These designs certainly have knocked it out the ballpark

Last week a new trailer for Pokemon Sword and Shield showed off new forms of older Pokemon just like how Alolan forms were introduced in the last set of games. We got a very dapper looking Weezing and a Kiss/Punk inspired new look for the Zigzagoon line including a brand new third evolution which has been completely unheard of in the series until now! We also got this region’s Pikachu clone which seemingly has a dark side when it’s hungry, I can certainly relate.

Alongside this we also got a look at some new rivals for our character and we also were shown the ‘evil’ team of the region known as Team Yell who seem like a mix of punk ruffians and football hooligans who want a trainer known as Marnie to be the new champion and will cause trouble for everyone to ensure this happens no matter what. These are certainly some interesting developments however the dex controversy still hangs over this game so I wonder if any of these cool new features will be enough to help sway people into buying the games. I’m still on the fence myself but leaning more towards not getting these entries but I’m willing to wait and see what else is shown.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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