A Short Trip

No, this isn’t FTL you are looking at

Well here’s a surprising gem that I had no idea about. I love FTL: Faster Than Light which is a roguelike space sim in which you play from a top down 2D perspective and manage a crew to get your ship across the galaxy while meeting alien species and battling other ships. Thus when I found out that a game based on FTL was coming out of Early Access soon I was extremely surprised to say the least.

‘Shortest Trip to Earth’ is the name of the game and it looks to be a more complex and far broader game than FTL intended to be. In FTL it was a fairly simple singular gameplay concept with a lot of micromanagement and decision making done on your part however in this game the actual management of your ship becomes far more important. You handle food supplies, repair jobs, personal quarters and lots of other systems that would be present on real life spaceships. Aside from all of this of course as you can see above battles can be far more hectic with multiple ship battles and a lot more systems and boarding party mechanics to handle. I’m amazed I had never heard of this game and with it coming out of Early Access August 15th I wish it and the developers the best of luck.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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