Jason Schreier’s New Book

Why am I reminded of corporate art here…

A bit of a shorter one for everyone here just to say that legendary gaming journalist and all around good person fighting for developer rights and exposing terrible working conditions in the gaming industry, Jason Schreier, is coming out with a new book on June 10th called “Press Reset”.

The book will talk about some of the troubled history of various game development cycles and will feature many examples of people who have unfortunately been trapped in such hellish work environments on previous game projects, including one section particularly damning the development of beloved shooter Bioshock Infinite, and how their studio closures affected them. If you’re interested in the gaming industry at all and want to support a proper journalist who is fighting the good fight then give his book a pre-order, here’s a link to it.


That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a life.

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