I’m Here to… Sue…

… and I’ve brought credible evidence

Gearbox Software, and especially their CEO Randy Pitchford, seem to be taking a lot of flak recently. This latest problem for the company comes from the celebrated composer of Duke Nukem 3D, Bobby Prince. Bobby is suing Gearbox, Randy and Steam for using his music in the remastered Duke Nukem 3D World Tour without his permission or royalties being addressed.

Bobby originally only allowed the initial creators of Duke Nukem 3D, Apogee, to use his music rather than giving them the ownership of the songs and that was the agreement they came to with everyone happy. However when Gearbox decided to use their newly acquired Duke Nukem license to remake the original game they didn’t carry this agreement over. When Bobby contacted Randy to ask that his royalties be address he was told to not worry and that he would ‘be taken care of’. However since then it has been radio silence for Bobby and as a result he is suing the company for unpaid royalties and Valve for allowing the game to be sold on Steam despite this unresolved conflict.

It seems like a messy situation however in the end Bobby does deserve to be paid for his work and the fact that Randy claimed to be solving the problem when in actuality he did nothing really makes this seem like a sour situation. I just hope it comes to a happy conclusion in which everyone gets what they deserve. That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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