Glover’s Back!

What’s a glove got to do to get a sequel in this world…

Many people might not remember this but Glover was a cult classic 3D platformer made for both the Nintendo 64 and then ported to the Playstation 1 and has a fairly large fanbase due to it being one of the classic platformers of it’s age. It’s no Super Mario 64 or Banjo-Kazooie but it’s still beloved by those who came across it. It’s interesting to know then that it’s now coming to the PC in the form of Glover Remastered.

The developers, Piko Interactive, are porting the game to Steam and claim that the game’s visuals have been updated and now also supports widescreen. Alongside this the game will be based on the N64 source code which is a relief as the PS1 version was an incredibly shoddy port job so it’s nice to see the better version is being used as a base. There doesn’t seem to be much else changed about the game, hell even the visual just look like a slight touch up rather than a full redoing from the ground up, but regardless there will be plenty of Glover fans happpy to see him officially come to PC.

Piko Interactive are an interesting company though and are worth discussing. They take old IP’s for games that are essentially never coming back, purchase them, then take the games and port them to PC either in the form of a simple port or a slight remaster like in this instance. It’s an interesting premise and while I can see why some people aren’t a fan of this practice it’s at least interesting to see and I am curious to see what other games Piko end up getting ahold of over the next few years.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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