Ghostware in the Machine

If you squint, this could look like a screenshot from WoW!

I love games that play with the concepts of being, well, games. ‘Ghostware’ is an upcoming game that is set to come out on April 12th and the concept alone has me very excited. It’s essentially a bit like that indie horro title ‘No Players Online’ as it plays with the idea that you are someone stuck in a 90’s era arena shooter but this time it’s because you are in some form of strange digital afterlife being tormented by someone to forever fight in an endless battle for their amusement. It’s an interesting premise and of course it has a lot of digital horror elements that I feel are not used nearly as much as compared to the current trend of analogue horror.

Regardless it all seems very interesting, and it even has a free demo you can check right now! So if you want to see just how subversive of a game this is then feel free to chekc out the game’s Steam page right here. That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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