Game Awards 2021 Announcements

Another year yet again…

The Game Awards once again took centre stage and showed off plenty of things that developers and studios have been working on for the past year alongside of course the awards themelves. Here’s a list of some of the ones that caught my eye and please do keep in mind this is not a full comprehensive list, take a look at the full list of announcements on the official website and youtube channel!

First up there was Star Wars: Eclipse which looks to be a full Star Wars narrative game created by Wantic Dreams so this could be either an interesting look into the universe of the setting or a complete narrative disaster depending on how they handle this, guess we shall just have to wait and see. We also got shown an actual trailer for Alan Wake 2 which the developers, Remedy, state will be their first survival horror experience so if that’s an indication as to how the tone is going to shift compared to the original game this should be very interesting.

We were shown the first snippet of footage from the new Halo TV show which while it looks fairly visually impressive I would need to see more about the actual story before I pass on any judgement concerning it. There was also Slitterhead which is a very creepy looking game being creative by industry veterans from the SIlent Hill franchise, let’s just hope it ends up being as good as the original entries and not the more recent ones especially since the cancellation of the franchise as a whole.

A very exciting look however, and perhaps the one that most intrigues me, was Sonic Frontiers which is deliberately going for an Open World style of game. This combined with Sonic’s emphasis on speed could be a very good match and the world they showed off in the trailer looked absolutely gorgeous. It really reminded me of Breath of the Wild for some reason, so Sonic Team appear to be doing something right at least! We also got a new Star Trek game developed by ex-Telltale employees so that will be exciting to see and we even got confirmation of a VR version of Among Us, a hilarious idea that may very well have me digging out my headset again.

Finally we of course were revealed a brand new 4X strategy game taking place in the universe of Dune which is no doubt due to the recent success of the revived movie. I for one will be very interested to see how this version of the world will be represented and of course more importantly how it will play.

And that’s your lot from me! Again there were plenty more stuff that was announced so feel free to take this as just the stuff that particularly caught my eye. That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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