Forever Meaty

His hand’s almost as big as him!

Earlier in the year I discussed the fact that beloved Indie platformer Super Meat Boy was getting a sequel and that everyone was hotly anticipating what it could be. Well recently thanks to some new gameplay that’s been shown we now know exactly what this new game is, and it’s certainly shaking up the formula.

Super Meat Boy Forever is the working title for the game and while it started off as just a mobile friendly version of the original game it now has become a full sequel. The biggest change is that this is in fact an auto-runner (think Super Mario Run) with elements of slight combat thrown in too. So instead of moving our hero around a map you simply use button prompts to jump, slide and attack. This streamlines the game hugely and thus makes it more accessible to those who aren’t that good at platformers. Alongside this they also revealed that the stages are procedurally generated and that by upping difficulty levels it makes the stages tougher and faster requiring even more skill to complete.

I’m not too sure about these changes as it fundamentally seems like a completely different game but I’m holding out hope until I get my hands on it later in the year. That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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