Farm’s Closing

Well, goodbye you annoying notification centre you

It’s weird to think about the last time I ever dedicated any brain space to the Facebook game mega-hit Farmville, aside from deleting people who send me requests within it of course. However it seems as though with the death of Flash this year and the removal of any relevance the game once had back in 2011 Farmville is being shut down at the end of this year too, how sad.

The developers, Zynga, have already disabled in-app purchases and will fully shut down the serves for it in December but people are able to still play until that time. Personally I never tried it out but it certainly was a titan in the casual gaming space and so it’s a bit sad seeing it go. All this is just reminding me that I’m getting older, and seeing the things I once knew burn and fizzle away is just a scary reminder of such. Maybe I should start looking into a pension…

Anyway that’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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