E3 2018 Final Thoughts

And the winner is…

So E3 is finally over, or at least the conferences are. Many announcements were made, whole swathes of new games were shown off and excitement for the gaming industry was all around. This year wasn’t my favourite as many of the things shown off simply didn’t impress me however the things that did certainly made an impression.

As to who I though ‘won’ E3 I would have to say either Microsoft or Nintendo gave the most impressive conferences. Microsoft had a clean and effective showcase getting straight to the point, having little to no awkward moments on stage and revealing a surprising amount of new titles that people hadn’t seen/expected. Nintendo on the other hand didn’t show off too much in their conference however the quality of the Smash reveal and all the information they gave made for the most exciting part of E3 in my opinion. There were plenty of conferences I of course didn’t cover, EA were boring, Ubisoft opened with a god awful dance number and the PC gaming show didn’t have too much to show but in the end I feel as though I had plenty to talk about when it came to this year’s show.

So to all of you who have just recently joined the site, hello there! Thank you for choosing to stick by with me for this exciting week and I hope that my future content will continue to impress you and keep you coming back. As a hint to what is coming next I have a special review inbound so be sure to keep an eye out for that! That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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