Talk about fracturing the Indie Game community…

So Unity is one of the most popular gaming engines to use for indie devs due to its ease of use, compatibility and popularity among different developers. Point to any successful indie game and there’s a good chance Unity was at least considered for its development. However after recent pricing change announcements from Unity this may very well change after the massive backlash from the community.

The gist of the biggest change is that Unity will now start charging developers per game install once they get past a certain threshold, with the price essentially bankrupting the developers in question as they will have to pay more money than they actually make from the game. Keep in mind also that this is on top of having to pay for the actual engine itself, meaning that this is essentially extorting Indie Devs that use the engine, and even worse it’s retroactive. So all those big indie games from the past that used Unity would have to pay up once these changes were made, an incredibly silly decision. As such many have simply chosen to stop using the engine and hope that this will mean a backtrack from them. However the damage has been done and trust has been eroded, why would you work with a company that would change your contract at any time they please? So far no statement has been made regarding the reversal of these changes, so we shall have to see if anything comes of this.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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