Crossing The Line

The monster within…

If you haven’t played the infamous game known as Spec Ops: The Line then you may want to look into it soon as, shockingly, the original publishers, 2K, have removed it from most online storefronts.

If you didn’t know, Spec Ops: The Line is a third-person military shooter from the Xbox 360 era that is beloved by many due to having an extremely subsversive and shocking story that plays with the idea of BEING a modern military shooter. It’s considered a work of art by many and that makes it all the more sad that it is being erased from digital storefronts. This is because of, what else, music license contracts as the game used a few different copyrighted music tracks that due to their licenses running out mean the game legally cannot be sold anymore. There’s only a handful of storefronts that are being a bit slower with removing the game from their store, so be sure to grab a bit of gaming history while you can. GOG is even doing a big sale on the game right now, so check it out here while it is still live.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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