Can’t Catch a Break

Oh dear god why

Poor Team Fortress 2. It’s not enough that they had to lose one of their beloved voice actors to a global pandemic. It’s apparently not even enough that their virtual economy crashed horribly last year due to a glitch but now it seems that TF2 really has been completely crushed with bad news as it seems as though the Source Code for the game itself has been leaked to the public.

Now to be fair it’s not just TF2 this source code was for but it was actually both TF2 and CS:GO that had their code leaked. This was apparently due to a dispute within a group of dataminers who after kicking one of their own out the group found out that the person in question had released a torrent file containing the source code to both games which is a massive problem for both games. Through this people with nefarious intentions are now able to potentially remotely inject code onto your system if you join into certain games which of course can lead to things such as your account being stolen, your information being doxxed or even your computer being remotely controlled or bricked.

This is all very scary and most of the community for both games have suggested staying off them for now until everything is patched out. Valve actually released a statement saying that this should all be fine as the source code was for an older version of the game but for safety’s sake I’d still suggest giving it some time before hopping back in. Poor TF2, I wonder how much more you can take at this rate.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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