Hmph, Profligates

Fallout: New Vegas is widely considered the best game in the series by many, I find it probably the best gameplay and story-wise though I’m not sure if it’s my absolute favourite, however recently a massive mod (or at this point I suppose I should just call it a seperate game) has just entered its official beta and thus is essentially completely playable from start to finish. That mod is Fallout: New California.

The mod is set as a prequel to the original game and as the name implies will mostly take place within post apocalyptic California which for those who don’t know is the main area where one of the biggest factions in the base game, the New California Republic, resides. This makes the prospect of exploring this new land incredibly interesting for those who love that faction. With hundreds of hours of gameplay, around 60 voice actors producing lines of dialogue rivaling that of the other Fallout games and enhanced mechanics and items it’s certainly no small thing to say this could very well be on of the best Fallout mods ever made. Let’s just hope Bethesda don’t get upset with the success of this project and instead take inspiration from it for when they make another Fallout game.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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