Borderlands Microtransactions

Two words you never want to see together

Over the weekend a big controversy has sprung up surrounding Borderlands 3 which is a shame as the game has not been having the best start so far.

The main gameplay reveal event was actually received rather well and a lot of new features and visuals were shown off to everyone. However this good gameplay showing was eclipsed by the ensuing backlash concerning the fact that the game would offer cosmetic microtransactions. Now this isn’t anything new as Borderlands 2 also had these cosmetic purchases however the big problem with this comes from the outcry that the game’s director, Randy Pitchford, had against a Game Informer article that brought this up. Randy took to Twitter and went on a hate-filled series of Tweets against the group.

Randy clearly took issue with the idea that these cosmetic payments were called Microtransactions as he knows the term is seen negatively in the gaming industry nowadays. With this however the problem comes from the fact that the way they described these cosmetic purchases they are indeed counted as Microtransactions due to being small payment made for extra parts of an already full priced game. It doesn’t matter that Borderlands 2 did they to no problem, the Game Informer article wasn’t even demonising the fact that they were in the game, they were simply reporting the fact that they would be included. Randy in poor taste however proceeded to call them every name under the sun, sya they were just using clickbait and that they were bad journalists. Needless to say this has put a poor taste in everyone’s mouth and considering how much controversy surrounds the game already this just adds to the growing pile of problems this entry in the series seems to be attracting. Let’s just hope it ends up being a good game in the end.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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