Avengers… Disassemble

Talk about an awkward way to go out…

Square Enix is seemingly unstoppable nowadays with how many live service games they are cutting off support for as another game joins the Square Enix graveyard, this time being Marvel’s Avengers which was released a couple years ago and is set to have it’s support dropped after September of this year.

After this point not only will all in-game microtransactions and general purchases no longer be possible and no more content will be created for the title but also the game itself will have all of it’s digital storefronts removed so you effectively will not even be able to play the game anymore. Of course the servers will technically still be alive after this but they will be so quiet that it’s impossible to imagine that the developers won’t choose to just shut those down shortly afterwards too/

Ultimately it’s not that big of a surprise that this is happening as the game did not manage to match up to the heights that Square Enix imagined of it by being a generally poorly received and generic superhero combat game that failed to capture any of the magic that the movie industry had laid out for it. Regardless I still feel bad for those who were a fan of this game so for all of you, I hope you enjoy this year while you can until September.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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