An End to Classics

Oh god it looks so bad… and yet beautiful

Nothing lasts forever unfortunately and this may very well be a good example of this. Runescape was a classic RPG that is still running to this very day with even the ‘legacy’ version of the 2008 game still being supported by the developers. However they also had a version of the original release, Runescape Classic, which came out in 2001 that was being supported. Unfortunately due to a lack of popularity and a massive amount of bugs due to better technology and server upgrades this version of the game is unfortunately being decommissioned.

Fortunately the most popular version of the game, the 2008 one, is still absolutely fine and has a healthy playerbase. It’s simply due to the lack of interest and technical problems that the very first rendition of the game is no longer being supported. So while it is goodbye to this classic game it’s not a sad moment as it allows us to look forward to the future of the other versions and just what advances can be made in order to make it as fun of an experience as possible.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.


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