Amazon’s Tomb Raider Projects

That’s a lot of tombs she will be raiding

With it being confirmed that Amazon were helping to publish the next Tomb Raider game that is being developed by Crystal Dynamics it’s no surprise to see that the company want more than just a game, they want a franchise. As such they have announced that not only will a tv series be developed to coincide with the release of the game itself but also they will be developing a movie to go along with it too.

This all sounds like a lot of spinning plates being balanced at once and I would agree. It seems like a lot of projects to be centred around just one game and considering the middling reception to previous Tomb Raider movies I would be surprised to see if this really amounted to anything. Making this even more jarring is that reportedly Netflix is also releasing their own seperate Tomb Raider series that will be styled as more of an animated show. This all screams of wanting to push out as much Tomb Raider content as possible now that Square Enix have let the series loose from their grip and I for one feel the most sorry for Lara, how will she ever find the time for some standard archaeology now!?

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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