AI Games on Steam

This guy could talk to you RIGHT now!

Steam have recently decided to change their policy in order to accomodate for the newest trend in gaming, AI generated content. This includes 2 parts, games that are made with the help of AI (making assets, writing code etc) and those that use generative AI as part of their mechanics (speaking to NPC’s, changing the game on the fly etc).

These new changes will allow these type of games to now be sold on Steam but under the condition that no illegal content is created with the use of AI, be it ripping off other content or just generating images that would land you in jail. It’s an interesting change and it demonstrates a dramatic shift in how we may view games made by AI. There will certainly be devs that are happy to have a tool that will help them create the game they love but they don’t have access to the assets or skills required to complete their vision. On the other hand this opens the floodgates to cheap knock-off crap that uses AI to entirely make them and then slap them on the store with no care or attention. It’s yet to be seen how bad this epidemic will be, but considering this is the human race, there’s a good chance that this will unfortunately happen.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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