Adventuring Companions

The two choices you will have at launch!

A while back Zenimax Online Studios revealed the new Oblivion DLC for the Elder Scrolls Online and mentioned that one of the big features for this addition would be a brand new companion system which would allow you to have an NPC tag along with you on adventures. Well now they have gone into more detail concerning the system and it seems very promising.

Firstly there will be a selection of two companions with this first DLC with the addition of new ones over time, these are Bastian and Mirri. After completing their respective quests you will be able to call on their services at any time and they can be levelled up and specced out like another player but of course with their own unique skills and abilities. They can also have their equipment changed, have specific roles they perform such as tanking or DPS and you can even modfy their appearance. The system very much seems like something that would naturally be in an Elder Scrolls game and it’s great to see the ability to finally have a tank on my team while playing as a squishy caster. I just wish this was available without the DLC as it really feels like something that should have been part of the original game.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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