A Wonderful Announcement

What a wonderful day

Well this is certainly a surprise. Platinum Games have recently been teasing a new announcement for a game which many people speculated to be a remaster of one of their older titles and it turned out to be entirely correct!

The Wonderful 101 was a superhero themed game released intially on the Wii U and was considered by many to be a great experience and now they have announced that a remastered version of the game will be coming to different systems. They announced this, most interestingly, as part of a kickstarter campaign with different levels of investment making different platform versions being more likely. As of writing this the stretch goals have been met for a remastered version of the game for the Switch, PC and are almost at the goals for a PS4 version too. Clearly people love this game and want to see it on all different platforms which is nice to see.

Platinum Games stated that the reason they are doing a kickstarter is that they haven’t quite reached the levels required to fund their own self published games and because the plans for this remaster were before they partnership with Tencent they won’t be able to provide funding for the project and as such it will be down to the fans to help with this. That’s understandable and I’m happy to see the company being so open about their reasons for going to kickstarter rather than just being greedy. I never personally played The Wonderful 101 but I’m happy for those who are funding this and hell I might check it out when it comes to PC. Better late than never right?

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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