A Disintegrating Intrigue


I finally got the opportunity to try out the latest shooter hoping to take the crown of prime multiplayer game in it’s closed and open beta last week, Disintegration. From my initial impressions the game is certainly unique but is something I wasn’t really expecting.

Turns out while I thought it might be a hero type of shooter in which you choose different types of robotic units and fought on the ground in massive multiplayer skirmishes it’s actually a mashup of FPS and RTS gameplay. You play as someone piloting a Gravcycle which is essentially a massive floating platform with guns and use basic commands to bring along a squad of AI controlled robots with you into battle. In the multiplayer there are different factions with each having different types and numbers of AI units for you to command as well as a variety of weapons and abilities on your Gravcycle. This all does sound very interesting and it can make matches very chaotic once armies start clashing together however as of current the game lacks that sense of depth and sound design to really make things seem top notch. Environments are rather bland post-apocalyptic standards, the gravcycles and robot minions lack weight to their movement and in general things just seem a but unpolished right now. Keep in mind however that this IS a technical beta so I’m imagining there will be a lot of polish and upgrading over the next few months which will surely make this a better experience. Plus there will be a single player campaign which should help flesh out the world a bit more. Overall then it certainly has potential but I would certainly wait and see to check how the game is at launch before rushing into buying it.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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