A Wolcen Story

Can I get a “Hey that looks like diablo!” in the comments?

This has come as quite a surprise to me but Wolcen: Lord of Mayhem, a very pretty looking ARPG has finally been released from Early Access after 5 years of development. I heard about the project a while ago but never truly kept up to date with the game as I felt it wouldn’t be ready for a long time however it seems as though I should have been paying more attention as now that it’s into full release the game is being praised all over for being a fantastic addition to the ARPG genre.

The game has certainly got a unique visual style, looking a bit like Diablo mixed with the Warhammer universe and I for one think it really works well. The game establishes itself as a ‘classless’ entry in the genre so that certainly makes it unique among many others. Apparently at the current moment there are server and bug issues but I’m sure they will be fixed in no time and the game can get back to showing off what it really can do. I for one wish the developers the best of luck and I look forward to seeing how it develops over the next few years now that it finally has been fully released.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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