A Platforming PC Port


It really seems that in the world of gaming all titles eventually make their way to PC, whether it was actually intended or not is usually a debate in itself but for me I am all for this transition to a singular machine. It seems others agree with me as recently a brand new game has been essentially forced onto PC through an unofficial port, the legendary Super Mario 64!

The game itself was created in secret and runs natively in DirectX12 which means the only requirements for downloading and playing the game itself is that you are running Windows 10. Obviously I can’t share the download link here for fear of the might of Nintendo destroying my small site but if you do enough google searching you can find a download link somewhere. The big difference between just emulating the game is that now it doesn’t require any additional third party software to run and also due to this the game will run much better and I imagine the modding scene (that is already huge and active mind you) will explode at having the ability to directly modify the game easily. All of this and many other benefits are why I love fan projects like these and wish that game companies would be more open to directly working with talented people who love their games rather than send them cease and desist notices.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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