A New Apocalypse

Is that a sawblade crossbow? Hell yes!

With bashing on post-apocalypse games being all the rage lately it seems as though Ubisoft might be making a move on this genre and that is most certainly an exciting proposal.

If you haven’t finished Far Cry 5 then look away now as this will spoil the ending. At the end of that game it turns out that the main antagonist of the game was indeed correct at his predictions of the end of the world due to nuclear missiles dropping onto the land and causing the apocalypse. From a trailer released by Ubisoft yesterday it seems as though they are creating some kind of story that will continue over from this ending with the world being set in a destroyed America.

There are obvious comparisons to be made with the Fallout series however from just the teaser alone we can see some interesting weapons that if they build this system upon it could make for a fantastic entry that really shakes things up for the series. Whatever this project is will be shown off at the Game Awards tonight so stay tuned if you are interested. I will most likely be covering this after the weekend so that more information can be gathered from developers but I must say this does look exciting for me.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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