A Hawken Revival

Beep boop brrrrrr

If any of you remember Hawken, a fun free-to-play mech combat arena shooter that was fairly recently shut down and removed from Steam due to a lack of sustainability then you will know that it gained quite a cult following over the years it was playable. It seems as though you can never really keep fans down as a project that has been in development over the time since the game was officially shut down has actually brought Hawken back to life, albeit in a limited fashion.

The ‘Hawakening’ project is led by fans and has successfully modded the game to allow for offline play against bots which is very interesting as the game initially had to connect to an official server regardless and due to the fact that the game has been removed from Steam listings you can imagine it’s very hard to find now. However it seems now that with the fans wanting to at least play the game that they loved so much that perhaps this will show some support from the previous developers, maybe even turning it into an open source project. That’s the hope of the project at least, they want to contact the previous publishers or developers to help get some code running so they can set up unofficial servers to play the proper Hawken experience again. Time will tell if this will end up happening but it’s nice to see fans doing their best to make a game they loved playable again, especially in this age of making it incredibly difficult to replay games as soon as the servers go down.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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