A Doomed Secret

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While not known to much of the gaming community recently there was a massive event that took place in the realm of retro gaming that has shook the foundations of the DOOM community, Doom 2 is finally able to be completed 100%.

You see there was a certain level that always teased those who wanted to fully complete the game as you could only get 90% completion no matter what secrets you found. Those who looked into the games files and noclipped through certain sections found a final secret that would allow people to get a 100% completion rank on this part of the game however it was generally considered impossible to achieve via normal gameplay.

This however was debunked a couple days ago as a prominent Doom 2 speedrunner, Zero Master, discovered that if you allowed a certain enemy to attack you near the secret the knockback from the hit would push you into the teleporter which would take you to the hidden area. This was also confirmed by the creator of the game himself, John Romero, who took to Twitter to share this finding and revealed that the method used was in fact the correct way to find the final secret in the game.

It’s amazing to think that even 24 years after the game came out there was still one final secret to find, I guess it just goes to show the dedication of the speedrunning community as a whole. That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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