A Bloodline Full of Potential

These simple visuals hold a great secret…

I recently came across an amazing looking game that I had never heard of before and now after doing research on the subject I now realise this could be something very special.

The Bloodline is an upcoming RPG that reminds me most of Mount and Blade crossed with The Elder Scrolls as it’s a first/third person fantasy game in which you must adventure across a land, defeat bad guys and level up your character. So far so standard RPG however what makes the game stand out is the incredible amount of depth and complexity in all of the systems in the game from combat to even things like farming, and it’s just made by one person! The game, despite looking visually simple, really hammers in the great amount of potential that it represents and if it turns out to deliver everything it promises and has shown in previews this could very well be one of the biggest new things.

The developer is constantly showing off new features and skills within the game on his Twitter and Tiktok account do it’s worth following him there if you’re interested in what it might offer. Here is a link to the Steam page, give it a look add it to your wishlist and try out the very early preview arena demo if you’re really interested in trying it out!


That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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