A Bit Of the Old Ultra-Violence

Boom baby

If you haven’t heard of the wonders of Brutal Doom, it’s essentially a massive overhaul of the original Doom that brought many quality of life changes and of course ramped up the difficulty and gore to maximum levels to make it an incredibly intense experience. Well it seems that the creator of the mod, Marcos Abenante, has decided that they want to expand their horizons and is now developing their very own game built in the GZDoom engine called “Brutal fate”.

The concept of the game might sound familiar, you are a jacked up space marine who must kill interdimensional demons with a variety of violent weapons that produce a lot of gibs… do what you know best I suppose. The creator however talks about the fact that one of the biggest changes is the fact that the levels will be open spaces that you make your own progression through and that you can find AI soldiers who you can give commands to and have them assist you in the killing. The game will of course be highly moddable due to the engine it’s built on and is set to come out in Early Access some time in January of next year so if you’re a Doom fan then this might be something to keep an eye out on!

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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