A Bigger Battle

Just imagine this map with 60 players…

So this is a nice surprise! During an Xbox official stream recently a producer at 343 Industries, Sean Swidersky, stated that the team was working on a prototype concept for the Master Chief Collection which if they could get working would be a huge shake up for the multiplayer environments of each of the games entirely, the ability to go up to 40-60 players in a single match.

Now this may sound rather absurd given the fact that the maximum number for players in a single multiplayer game is currently 16 but apparently according to Sean the change wouldn’t be too difficult to implement from a technical standpoint. The issue however of course comes from performance issues especially from older consoles that are still capable of running the MCC as having so many players in the same game may result in utter chaos for the processors, not to mention the server lag that may occur. Still it’s a cool concept and if added to the game even on a casual level with custom games it could lead to an incredible new lease of life on the game, even if the maps would feel far too small for this many players.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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