Vampires in Games

Yes yes… I could have put the sexy one you all know about here, but I refuse!

As I prepare for the Elden Ring DLC I decided to try out a bit of a fun build, playing as a blood mage which I decided would be vampire themed. So blood spells, blood weapons and drip that made me look like blood royalty. It made me think back to my early years of playing Skyrim where I decided to almost exclusively play vampire characters as I was an edgy wee lad.

Playing as vampires in games in many ways appeals to me like how I enjoy playing Necromancers. Something about the evil side of things while also getting access to cool powers seems to strike me particularly for some reason… Maybe that’s a worrying sign.

Regardless, it’s a great time and if the option for it appears in different games I like to try and play as vampire-like characters when possible. Health Drain effects are some of my favourite in games so it makes sense that the primary type of character that would use this type of effect would appeal to me too.

However, I’m curious about this. Do you all like to play vampire characters, and if you do what has been your favourite interpretation? Let us all know by commenting below! That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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