The VR Risk

The 2 biggest contenders!

I find the medium of VR to be a risky thing for consumers to purchase. Not only is the initial asking price extremely expensive to buy (especially wiht all the additions) but VR has another problem that is almost entirely unique to itself, you can’t really explain to someone why VR is good without them first experiencing it.

Buying a VR headset blind is a foolish decision as it is perhaps the only type of technology that requires you to try it first to understand why it’s so good. If your friend tells you that their Vive headset is the best on the market and then tries to explain the experience of using VR then you will most likely be left confused. You can’t even watch gameplay online to truly understand what it will be like as monitors cannot yet display true 3D videos without having an external addition to help.

Luckily then VR is also one of the easiest pieces of technology to find places to try it out. Gaming bars even have sections dedicated entirely to VR so before you buy make sure you try. I bring this subject up as I may very well be getting a VR headset for the christmas season so when that fateful day comes get ready for a whole new world of VR games I will be telling you all about. I’m certainly incredibly excited about it.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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