The Virtual Classroom

Bee Lessons!

Education is an incredibly important aspect to the modern world. Without children being educated properly the future itself could be at serious risk. This then poses an interesting conundrum as due to the current pandemic schools all over the world are closed and nobody is learning anything for a long time. Then again, that’s why video games are always useful in helping

Teaching people online is nothing new. Hell, classes from universities are sometimes entirely taught over the internet but when it comes to the world of video games they have the unique ability to show environments and be actively involved in the teaching rather than just listening to a pre-recorded lecture. Take Minecraft for example, with the amount of interesting and educational worlds that have popped up recently in a bid to help kids learn things while out of school it’s nice to see teachers and those involved in the education sector realise that one of the main things that helps children be engaged in learning is to make it fun, and what better way to do that than set it within a video game!

Now that’s not to say it’s perfect. The main problem is of course people choosing to simply play and mess around rather than actually learn anything due to the fact that, well, they are playing a video game. This however is something that happens in any school-like environment, there will always be those who don’t take learning seriously and as a result it is to be expected with something like this that they would instead take it an an opportunity to mess around and should not be given as the example as to why something like this would not work. The world is a mess right now and it’s nice to see that despite this Video Games will help keep the children of the world informed and hopefully when this all blows over we will see a new-found appreciation for this digital medium of ours.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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