The Superhard Boss

I’m coming for you Mike!

When we talk about incredibly difficult boss battles there are two main kinds we refer to. Those that require a large time investment to actually beat which are usually the type that RPG’s tend to go for and the other which require a massive amount of technical prowess to actually beat.

Now this by no means is always the case as of course there can be a lot of overlap but when it comes to games that have tough bosses I tend to enjoy the ones that require me to use my intelligence rather than test my endurance. I recently decided to try out some Oblivion mods after playing a bit of the Elder Scrolls Online and felt like playing one of the older entries. One of the mods made a particular boss in the game, the necromancer Mannimarco, an incredibly tough battle that I am still chipping away at today. The main cause of this difficulty however is actually a third option when it comes to a tough boss, being not prepared. I didn’t know what to expect in this boss and I had my ass handed to me so much because I didn’t have the right spells or defences to take on this behemoth of a lich. As a result I’m trying out new strategies and tactics in the middle of one of my saves just to attempt to beat him, and I’m loving it.

I usually am not a massive fan of challenging bosses but something about this particular encounter and constantly trying to edge my way closer to victory is a cathartic experience. Maybe this is what those maniacs who love Dark Souls mean when they say they love smashing their head against a brick wall. This howeveris a difficulty created of my own accord but I must say that it at least has made this boss far more memorable than in the un-modded game. Being difficult tends to do that.

So what I’m interested in from you all is what bosses do you particularly remember for being hard as nails? Did you like fighting them or do you get PTSD episodes from just speaking their name? Be sure to let me know! That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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