The Punch Man

Titan of Stone, Lord of the Earthly Elementals

There’s something cathartic about punching someone in the face really hard within the space of video games. Due to the laws of physics being questionable at best inside our digital spaces we can accomplish feats previously thought outside of the realms of possibilities. That’s why sometimes it feels so good just to punch some dudes in the face.

I’ve been playing a lot more Warframe recently and have grown a huge fondness for the rock-based frame called Atlas. As you might expect his thing is punching people so hard that it takes out the entire room at the same time. It feels amazing having these explosive punches and feeling like a true titan among men. I don’t know if this all makes me feel a little psychotic with my wantom lust for destruction from the end of my fist but I suppose if I enjoy it at least I can enjoy it within a safe environment. So for this post I say to all of you who want to punch some people, try Warframe and give Atlas a go. Some of the best punches in the industry I can tell you that.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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