The Population Increase

Wow look at that graph!

Something that a lot of gaming companies are noting lately (especially those that have multiplayer or live service games) are the massive increases to the population of these games. So many more people than usual are playing games online now and these studios are taking advantage of this fact by offering more deals and more content to help satisfy these players.

There is something that needs to be noted though, this is all just temporary. Obviously the population increase is to do with the global pandemic which means many people are currently stuck inside with nothing better to do than play video games to pass the time. This is especially compounded due to the schools being closed meaning a lot more children and teenagers are playing games. All of this does however mean that a lot of games have been given an opportunity to keep people hooked and playing past the lockdown so this provides a unique situation in which struggling studios can really make an impact on their online worlds in order to create a better game by the end of all this. However game devs also need to be realistic, these numbers will not last and all of this success is just a nice boost to their usual metrics but should not be counted on when it comes to understanding their average numbers. Let’s just hope publishers understand this.

Anyway, have you all been playing more games recently, especially online ones? Are you a part of this new massive influx of players? Let us all know by commenting below! That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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